On going research

Ongoing research

Research on insulin secretion in perfused rat pancrease to explore insulin secretory effects together with underlying mechanism of action of antidiabetic agents.

Ongoing research project:

  1. Studies on insulin secretion in BRIN-BD11 cell line, perfused rat pancreas and isolated islets.
  2. Effect of antidiabetic plant materials on carbohydrate digestion and absorption in the gut.
  3. ‘Anti–inflammatory, analgesic and anti–platelet activity of Ocimum SanctumCasia tamala, Emblica officinalis and Helianthus annuus in long Evans rats’- Awarded a research grant from BMRC (Bangladesh Medical Research Council) for one year research.
  4. Studies on fish oils for the management of insulin resistance, dyslipidemia and platelet aggregation associated with type 2 diabetes.