Message from the Head

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy at Independent University, Bangladesh.
The Department of Pharmacy offers Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm). The Department has been continuously evolving to be at the forefront of pharmacy education and research, providing consistent high-quality teaching, student monitoring, mentoring and student nurturing to ensure student academic and personal success. The curriculum is very modern, and up-to-date with top reputed universities in USA and Bangladesh. The faculty members are highly qualified and very efficient, Doctoral degrees (PhD) from North American or equivalent universities with strong research background. Pharmacy Department, with its approval from University Grants Commission (UGC) and Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB), is in full operation with state of the art facilities. The Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) is a four-year program divided into 8 semesters (2 semesters/year); Spring Semester (January – June) and Autumn Semester (July – December). The total credit for the program is 170. Students are placed in different reputed Pharmaceutical Industries for in-plant training.
Department has eight (8) teaching laboratories, two (2) advanced research laboratories and an animal house for cutting-edge research in multidisciplinary areas. The department collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry, universities and research institutes at home and abroad for teaching and research activities. The research programmes within the Department look at Pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology and medicinal chemistry. The research findings are disseminated in international fora and publications.
The program is designed to produce skilled and efficient professionals to manage Pharmaceutical Industries (Manufacturing, QC, QA, R&D and Pharmaceutical Marketing), Hospital Pharmacy, Research and Academia and Regulatory Affairs. After completion of BPharm program, students will be able to compete globally for jobs and higher studies.

Prof. JMA Hannan, PhD
School of Pharmacy & Public Health